The Mountains of England and Wales

by John and Anne Nutall, published by Cicerone. In two volumes.

The authoritative list of all summits over 2000ft in England and Wales. A nutall is the name given to such a peak, just as a munro is a peak above 3000ft in Scotland in honour of the original cataloguer. This review will be updated as I use / don't use various walks from the guide books.

Volume 1: Wales

The only walks in this section I have done are 13.1 and 13.6, or routes very similar to them. See my trips to the Brecon Beacons. As they agreed with the routes we chose, I have to agree somewhat with their route planning, even if it is (naturally) peak centric. Feel free to lop off extra summits from their routes, unless you're a "bagger".

Volume 2: England

Nothing yet....