Most major supermarkets in the UK now stock a decent amount of ingredients for foreign cuisine. But sometimes, for when you want to go the extra mile, you want something more authentic.

Indian Cookery

As a self-confessed curry addict, this is a high priority for me. You *don't* want to resort to anything labelled 'curry powder' in Tescos. Indredients you can't usually find in the supermarket -

  • Fenugreek leaves. Not the white powder from schwarz (that's the ground seeds), but dark green leaves that are dried. Buy from an indian grocers, remove all twigs and grind in a mortar and pestle into a fine dark green powder. Store in an airtight container and use as needed.
  • Black Cardamom Seeds. For making your own garam massala. Again, an indian grocers will sort you out.
  • Ghee. Clarified butter that some indian grocers will stock by the bucketload. Much easier than making your own or buying the expensive small quantities you may find in larger supermarkets.

Indian Grocers

  • Al Amin, Cambridge, on mill road (gmap). Decent selection of indian spices and veg. Years since I've used it, so if this changes, someone prod me :)

  • Some small spice shops in the covered market in oxford sell indian spices. At a ridiculous markup. Don't.
  • Tahmid stores, Oxford, 81 Cowley Road. This is a great store. Stocking imported goods from all over the world, including fresh exotic fruit and veg, every spice under the sun, and much much more. Set slightly back from the street on the north side of Cowley road, your first stop for indian goods in oxford.

Online Indian Grocers

I've not tried these yet, but if they work, could be awesome.

Chinese / Thai Cooking

Oriental Supermarkets

  • Lung Wah Chong Chinese Supermarket, 41-42 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford. Awesome selection of East Asian foods in the centre of town for a good prices.

Italian Cooking

Finding an italian deli shouldn't be too hard. But for oxford I can recommend the delis in the covered market (despite their markup).